BRITA filtered water straight from the tap

Enjoy the clear and fresh taste of BRITA filtered water on demand.
BRITA filtered water is more than just great tasting water. It’s an essential ingredient for enhancing what you eat and drink!
If you start with the right ingredients you finish with the best flavours.
Although you probably don’t think about it, water is one of the raw ingredients in many drinks and meals.
Using BRITA filtered water reduces impurities allowing food and drink to taste as it ought to.

The BRITA tap range is designed to deliver the ultimate in convenience for you.

Great tasting fresh BRITA filtered water on demand offers the perfect, economical solution.

All BRITA taps include:

  • Chlorine and organic impurities for great tasting cold drinks
  • Limescale and metals for improved taste and appearance of hot drinks.

BRITA taps are an integrated kitchen tap solution – hot and cold regular tap water and fresh BRITA filtered water all through one tap ie. no extra tap holes required in sink or worktop.

Features and benefits

  • Less limescale, more flavour, better tasting tea and coffee.
  • With BRITA your kitchen tap becomes a convenient source of filtered water.
  • With each BRITA cartridge, you reduce plastic bottle waste.
  • Prolongs domestic appliance life by preventing limescale build-up.
  • Is ideal for cooking healthy food.
  • Easy change cartridge system.
  • Separate lever for BRITA filtered water.
  • Includes LED or audible buzzer cartridge exchange indicator.
  • Recyclable cartridges.
  • Experts in water enhancement since 1966.

P1000 Cartridge

Convenient easy change cartridge system

  • Lasts for 3-6 months depending on the hardness of your water.
  • Reduces chlorine, limescale, metals and other impurities.
  • Cartridge fits neatly horizontally or vertically under sink.


Simple and straightforward installation; all components required for installation are supplied with the tap.

For help or advice regarding installation of your tap, please call  01 460 0064

BRITA Quality Guarantee

BRITA taps are manufactured to the highest standard and are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

All BRITA filter fittings are covered by a standard 2 year guarantee. However upon registration we also offer a free 3 year extension, giving you 5 years total peace of mind!